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Mirco cultivation

Micro Cultivation is a special cultivation license aimed at “craft” and smaller scale cultivation operations. The Micro Cultivation license permits 200 square metres (approximately 2,152 square feet) of total cultivation space. The process and requirements for obtaining a Micro Cultivation license are far less onerous and costly than a Standard Cultivation license. This makes Micro Cultivation an accessible entry point for small business and entrepreneurs into the cannabis cultivation business.

TerraCann’s solutions for prospective Micro Cultivation growers include:

  • Obtaining a Micro Cultivation license – this includes the physical facility and layout, site plans, providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and obtaining business licenses from the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • The applicant will need to qualify for the transfer of license which will include a security check and corporate documentation.
  • Turn-key real estate facility – including furniture, fixtures, and equipment, operational procedures, and marketing support;
  • Ongoing access to a Master Grower
  • Operational and marketing consulting

  • How It Works
    TerraCann has facilities which are being designed to Health Canada’s specifications and requirements. TerraCann or a designee will apply for the Micro Cultivation license, thereby saving the applicant the time and expense of the application process. TerraCann will transfer the license to the applicant (subject to regulatory approvals of the applicant) and they are ready to start producing on Day 1!

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