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TerraCann is building a portfolio of cash-flowing cannabis real estate across Canada. Our mission is to provide Health Canada compliance turn-key real estate for licensed producers and micro-cultivators. Our team of consultants will work with growers to obtain the license and will provide on-going operational, marketing, and compliance support.

In May 2019 Health Canada announced in order to apply for a new cultivation license, applicants must already have a completed built-out space. This is a huge market opportunity for TerraCann to rapidly grow a portfolio of cash-flowing assets to meet demand.

Within 5 years, TerraCann expects to have over 5,000,000 sqft under management across Canada.

Specific benefits to cannabis real estate investors include:

  • Investment structures include preferred investment return up to a Hurdle Rate;
  • Turn-key, holistic solutions for growers significantly reduces risk of first-time producers;
  • Leases include surrender clause so any delinquent producers can be replaced with minimal effort;
  • Insulation from direct exposure risks to cannabis production and distribution;
  • Aggressive growth strategy;
  • TerraCann or nominee will own title to all assets.

  • For more information, please contact us at invest@terracann.ca

    TerraCann securities offerings are offered through registered dealers, including Robson Capital Partners. This is not a solicitation of securities. For full disclosure please see our legal disclaimer.