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How It Works

What benefits does TerraCann offer to cannabis producers?
Currently there is pent-up demand for new cannabis producers, especially craft cannabis production using micro-licensing. The challenges faced by prospective producers include:
  • Regulatory complexity
  • Cumbersome application process and requirements
  • Significant up-front capital requirements (often $1,000,000+)
  • Lack of real estate expertise

  • TerraCann Solutions provides turn-key operational solutions to carefully screened, selected growers, which will include:
  • Real estate space with appropriate ventilation, security, and space design to meet regulatory and licensing requirements
  • If needed, startup physical systems for indoor production of cannabis
  • Assistance with regulatory applications, licensing, and filing
  • Off the shelf policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and best practices
  • Ongoing compliance and operations support

  • Do I have to pay rent during the application period?
    No! TerraCann assumes the risk during the application period and occupancy only begins once the license(s) have been transferred to you. In order to apply for a license, an applicant needs the real estate first – a barrier to many smaller and entrepreneurial producers. TerraCann eliminates those barriers for you by first acquiring and designing the space to meet regulatory and operational requirements and obtaining the licenses.

    Will TerraCann obtain a license for me?
    Yes! TerraCann will successfully obtain the applicable license(s) and will transfer them to you. Please be aware there are qualification criteria that apply to all licensees, and TerraCann will help pre-screen you first to ensure you will qualify.

    Does TerraCann work with consultants or agents for producers looking for space?
    Yes, please contact us and we will discuss referral arrangements.

    I have more questions.
    Please contact us and we will be happy to help.