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There is a significant shortage of medical and recreational cannabis both domestically and internationally – & we have the solution! We have designed our Bays to meet and exceed all legal and licensing requirements.

Business Investments with TerraCann

TerraCann is building a portfolio of cash-flowing cannabis real estate across Canada. Our mission is to provide Health Canada compliance turn-key real estate for licensed producers and micro-cultivators. Our team of consultants will work with growers to obtain the license and will provide on-going operational, marketing, and compliance support. The turnkey LP cultivation facilities can be run as corporate units or may be leased to approved operators.

Specific benefits to cannabis real estate investors include:

Investment Structure

include preferred investment return up to a Hurdle Rate


holistic solutions for growers significantly reduces risk of first-time producers.

Leases Include

surrender clause so any delinquent producers can be replaced with minimal effort.


growth strategy; TerraCann or nominee will own title to all assets.

TerraCann Grow LP I

Everest has an existing building in Acheson Commercial Corner, which will be retrofitted for the purposes of Micro Cultivation. Our existing building is 19,200 sq. ft. with a future expansion potential of 12,000 sq. ft. TerraCann Limited Partnership I will invest in “Bay1” which has a footprint of 4,400 sq. ft .and contains 200 m2 (2,152 sq. ft.) of cultivation space which is expected to produce between 690 and 1,380 pounds per year over 5 harvest cycles, for total projected gross revenues between $0.73 million and $2.30 million annually.

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